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    045: Measuring magic

    My sleep-tracking app is surprisingly accurate, and I enjoy peeking at the trend lines every once in a while. But I don’t actually do much with all that data.

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    044: Okay with Terrible

    Publishing something imperfect, let alone something that's genuinely bad, is difficult for me.

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    043: Portrait mode grossness

    Even if the Portrait mode algorithms improve, I'd like to see some support for touching up problematic depth maps.

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    042: Irredeemably Brutal

    Football is irredeemably brutal. A new test may help us confront that fact.

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    041: Never Unintentional

    The internet has fundamentally changed my relationship to content. I won't go back.

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    040: Smart Homes are Dumb

    For basic home operations, rock-solid reliability is the only feature that matters.

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    039: Why Apple’s retail stores make me nervous

    I grew up shopping in dingy, cavernous, fluorescent-lit warehouses. But Apple outlets resemble high-end, big-city fashion boutiques, more than they do those Rust Belt K-Marts of my youth.

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    038: Apple Watch as Shower Speaker

    I want the Watch to show up as a system-wide audio target any time it's connected to the phone—just like standalone Bluetooth speakers and headphones do.

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